读学校 is a state secondary school and we have to fundraise for those aspects of our work that are not covered by our Department for Education funding. bwin的教育部资助涵盖了提供全国课程的核心成本, 包括工资, 教学资源, 照明, 暖气和一些基本的维护. 它不包括学校设施主要升级的费用, 虽然bwin可以申请资本基金时,这些可用. DfE funding is not provided for the maintenance and conservation of our Grade II listed buildings which form the central part of the school buildings.  It also does not cover the cost of our essential co-curricular programme of lunchtime and after school activities, 这使得学生能够在课堂之外扩大他们的技能和知识范围.

你所有的捐赠,无论大小,都是无价的.  可按下列方式一次性捐款.



你对bwin官网的每一份贡献都将产生重大影响. You can support us in our mission to provide and maintain our co-curricular programme as well as


定期礼品可按每月、每季或每年订购. 请参阅下面的详细信息,设置常备订单并发送电子邮件至development@reading-学校.co.英国确认您的定期捐赠和记录捐赠援助或匹配的资金.

银行 劳埃德TSB银行(Lloyds TSB)
帐户名称: 朗读学校慈善基金
分类代码: 30-67-99
帐户号码. 40733560
参考: 365基金和学生/或名称 






如果你想通过银行转账捐款, please let the Society Office know of your gift so that we can record it properly and send you a thank you letter.  详见下文.

银行 劳埃德TSB银行(Lloyds TSB)
帐户名称: 朗读学校慈善基金
分类代码: 30-67-99
帐户号码. 40733560
参考: 365基金和学生/或名称 

支票抬头人为“读学校".  你也可以下载 捐赠的形式 把它连同你的礼物一起送到bwin官网的社团办公室


读学校 welcomes supporters from all over the world and international bank transfers can be made using the following details:

银行: 劳埃德TSB银行(Lloyds TSB)
斯威夫特/ Bic代码: LOYDGB21716
伊班人: Gb49 loyd 3067 9940 7335 60
帐户名称: 朗读学校慈善基金
分类代码: 30-67-99
帐户号码. 40733560
参考: 学生/或姓名“毕业年份分组”

如果你想通过银行转账捐款, please let the Society Office know of your gift so that we can record it properly and send you a thank you letter.

Donors living in the USA can donate to 读学校 and qualify for a US tax deduction by donating through the British 学校s and Universities Foundation, 公司(BSUF). 阅读学校是在BSUF注册的, which is a charitable organisation recognised by the US Internal Revenue Service under Section 501 (c) (3). When asked to indicate the name of the Approved Institution you would like to benefit from your gift, 请输入“阅文学校慈善基金”.  点击这里的链接,了解您可以捐赠支持阅读学校的许多方式 捐赠-英国学校 & 大学基金会(bsuf.org).


Donations of any kind are valuable to 读学校, so thank you for your generous support.

股票 & 证券

个人可以通过捐赠赠予的股票获得双重形式的税收减免. The market value of the gift can be offset against any income tax liability and in addition the gift would be exempt from any liability for Capital Gains Tax. 例如, 如果你给bwin官网1英镑,价值000美元的股票, 你是一个高税率的纳税人, 那一年你将少交400英镑的所得税.

另外, you will not have to pay any Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on any increase in the value of the shares since you bought them. 这可能意味着进一步的节省. 如果你捐赠的股票贬值了, you should be aware that you will not be able to use this loss to offset any other CGT liability you have.

As 读学校 is unable to give you financial advice we would urge you to talk to your financial advisor about the tax implications of donating shares. 有关股份捐赠的进一步指导说明, 证券和资产可从协会办公室获得. 欲了解更多信息, or to discuss any aspect of support, please see contact details below.


阅文学校基金会(慈善编号. 294640)可以接受赠与的资产, 比如财产, 土地或其他不应缴纳资本利得税或资本转让税的物品. 捐赠者可以考虑以现金投资或其他资产作为遗赠, 所有这些都将免除死亡时的资本转让税.

Tax relief can be claimed through donations of property when no interest in the property is retained. 这可以通过:

  • 捐赠财产价值的所得税减免.

  • Exemption from capital gains tax on the increase in value of the donated property since first acquired, 当房产以低于市场价值出售时,减少资本利得税.

  • 免征遗产税.

有关股份捐赠的进一步指导说明, 证券和资产可从协会办公室获得. 欲了解更多信息,或讨论任何方面的支持,请在下面联系详细信息.


如果你决定给bwin官网留下遗产, 如果您能填妥此表格通知bwin,bwin将不胜感激 遗产礼物表格. This is not a requirement but it does assist the 学校 in its long term financial planning. 如果你已经立了遗嘱,下载这个表格添加一份附录是很简单的. 在遗嘱中遗赠时, 请注意,受益人必须是bwin官网基金会, 注册慈善机构编号294640.

Money left to 读学校 Foundation is also exempt from inheritance tax and may help reduce the overall amount tax that must be paid on your estate.

Changes made to the UK Inheritance Tax law 2012 could benefit your primary beneficiaries: by leaving 10% or more of your estate to charity, 你的净遗产应缴纳的遗产税从40%降低到36%.

遗产 of all size are always appreciated and 学校 will never ask how much you have pledged, unless you wish to inform us so that the generosity of legacies can be recorded for annual reports and future planning. 

欲了解更多信息, 或者秘密地进一步讨论此事的任何方面, 请bwin如下.

Making a Will is an important step and it is recommended that you seek independent professional legal advice.



通过捐赠,bwin可以从每1英镑中额外收回25便士, 让你的礼物更有价值,而不需要额外的成本. 捐赠援助是“额外”收入的宝贵来源. 如您符合资格,请填写 捐赠的形式 因为每捐赠1英镑,bwin就能从英国税务海关总署收回25便士.

Higher rate tax payers donating through 礼物的援助 can claim back the difference between the higher rate of tax and the basic rate of tax on the total value of their donation to 读学校 via their Self Assessment Form or ask HM Revenue & 海关调整你的税法.

bwin会把你的礼物的详细资料转交给税务局,以收回税款. 下表概述了高税率纳税人捐赠的好处.


如果您要取消报关,请通知bwin, change your name or home address or no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains.


匹配给, or match funding is a simple way to maximise the donations raised you have raised/gifted to the school. 在大多数情况下, a company pledges to match a sum of money relating to the amount the employee has either raised or donated to a charity. 作为1993年慈善法案附表2下的豁免慈善机构, your one-off or regular donations to the school could be increased by up to 100% in this way. 在大多数情况下,公司会将你的捐款一磅一磅地匹配到一个特定的水平.

银行, 建房互助协会, 超市和大公司可能会提供相应的资金, 但这些计划并不仅限于大型企业巨头. 任何公司,无论大小,都可以采用匹配资金计划. 作为企业社会责任计划的一部分, 许多独立公司也通过配对资金进行捐赠,或者可能有兴趣这样做. Check with your employer to see whether a scheme is already in place or if they would be willing to set one up.

以下是一些公司的名单(并非详尽无遗)!),据bwin了解,这些礼物目前与员工捐赠的礼物相匹配. Please contact your HR or Corporate and Social Responsibility Department to confirm whether your company offers such a programme. 

如果你现在帮不了我, 但你知道你工作的公司有匹配资金政策, 请让bwin知道. 对于学校来说,这可能是一笔很大的收入来源,可以支付基本费用.


根据发薪计划, employees can authorise their employer to deduct charitable donations from their pay before calculating Pay As You Earn tax. This means that the employee automatically gets tax relief on donations at his or her top rate of tax. 在该计划下,可提供的金额没有限制. 你可在此查阅更多有关发薪计划的资料,以及你的公司是否推行这项计划, 请与人力资源部联系.


As an Academy, 读学校 is an exempt charity under schedule 2 of the Charities Act 1993.  We are also recognised as charitable by HM Customs and Revenue (HMRC Reference XT35863) and can reclaim 礼物的援助 on donations made by a UK taxpayer, provided the donor has paid an amount of Income Tax  and / or Capital Gains Tax for the tax year in which the gift was made that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities s/he has supported will reclaim for the same period.


Jas Chhokar(社会经理)


T: 0118 901 5600